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kitchen and living room turned into a studio

I really like the movie «Dog Heart» and its main character is Professor Preobrazhensky. His remarkable arguments about common sense, just the same counter-revolutionary ideas. The fact that people should live like normal people — to fall asleep in the bedroom, eat in the dining room, cook in the kitchen. Alas, but at one time the revolution won and we are all now preparing and sorting out these soup in the kitchen, receiving guests and sleeping in the living room, turning the bedrooms into an office or combining them with a children’s room.

To some extent, repair is also a whole revolution or a counter-revolution! And I wanted to make a two-room apartment like a studio. Snatch at 45 meters as much as possible free space, make it more airy, do not turn the apartment into boxes for family members, and make a kind of unification. The decision was very simple — to unite the kitchen and the hall, to conduct zoning space. In the end, everything should remain in its place, but the place itself should be much more. The result turned out even better than I expected. We demolished the wall that separates the hall from the hallway and from the kitchen. There was a lot of space. But leave in this form was impossible. Having painted a little on paper, we found an elegant solution. Separated the hall area and combined the hall with the kitchen! The same stylistic decision.
The ceiling in the hall was in a very sad situation. The sagging plates gave a difference of 12 cm levels! The floor was also very uneven and in one place had a significant ledge. The solution was found in a screed with a bias to compensate for the protrusion. The ceiling made of gypsum cardboard, though it lowered the height, but was absolutely flat, flat, and the built-in light sources along the perimeter lifted it. no chandeliers hanging or dividing the height in half. At some point in the repair, the apartment looked like a single frame of metal profiles — there were so many defects in construction that had to be hidden with gypsum craton and so many solutions were found that could only be realized in drywall!
For the floor there was a choice between laminate and parquet. Parquet won, and in bamboo. During the repair, pipes, batteries, electricians were replaced, I repeat: repair is a very global undertaking, many points must be thought through in advance and it is extremely difficult to cope without the help of specialists.
Result look at the photos, in my opinion it turned out perfectly — studio layout, freedom, space and volume!

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